Anyone want a 45 minute timer?

You could use Aviana as a 45 minute timer alarm clock. Seriously…this girl is to the minute almost exact in her 45 min sleep cycle. 

Just kidding…Although she makes a good 45 minute alarm clock, I’m not selling her just yet ☺️ in the past few days she has just learned how to giggle, interact and ‘talk’ with me, grab things and now she’s putting them in her mouth…it’s too cute. I love seeing her big leaps, even if it means she can be a grumpy moose in exchange of all that development!

Child development- FASCINATING!!!!! 

I keep hearing that at around 4 months this 45 min cycle will flip with light sleep and R.E.M. Sleep and she will enter her biggest sleep regression? Did this happen to you at 4 months? How did you get through it? 

(Ps. The photo at the top is Aviana after she fell asleep when I was feeding her lying down, so I took a photo opportunity and made it look like she was snuggled up in bed-that’s not how I leave her to sleep!  I promise!! She sleeps in a crib, on a firm surface, no blankets and on her back!!)

19 thoughts on “Anyone want a 45 minute timer?

  1. My Perfect Breakdown says:

    I still say that our son sleeps in 45 minute intervals! His naps are always 45 minutes, 1.5 hours or 2.25 hours. He’s literally like clock work.
    I will admit the 4 month sleep regression was never super horrible in our house. Teething has always had more impact on sleep for us then anything else. I hope it isn’t too bad for you either.


  2. EmilyMaine says:

    BeeGee did only 40m naps until 6 mths old, even as a newborn!!! She eventually just worked it out. We did do a sleep regression at 4.5mths though. She went from self settling to needing to be put to sleep. It became much harder work. We only really came out of that around 8 months 🙂

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  3. Amy M. says:

    A while back they were talking on a morning radio show that 45 minutes is the length of a healthy (adult) sleep cycle. So if you want to take the most effective nap, aim for 45 minutes. C is so random with her naps…the only consistency she has is that if we’re at home and she’s in her swing, she will sleep 3-4 hours. We (thankfully) didn’t really have a 4 month sleep regression. She did have about a week-ish of strange sleep issues just before she hit 5 months (I talked about it in my blog) but after that she was fine. I really think that had more to do with having visitors for the weekend then being out of town the next weekend. I’m glad she’s sleeping well for the most part, though! (Yours, I mean!)

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    • Dani says:

      Woah!!! I’d freak out if Aviana slept for 3-4hrs just because it’s so unlike her! Is that magic of the swing??! Aviana has never liked the swing much…kind of wish she did! It’s great to hear it is possible to not experience a 4mth sleep regression- there is hope 😂

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      • Amy M. says:

        I do credit her swing for this magic lol! If we don’t have access to her swing, she will NOT take a long nap like that! Unless we’re on a road trip, then she sleeps most of the time in the car. I think it’s pretty hit and miss whether a baby will like their swing or not. She’s always liked it. Now though if she’s not sleepy, she does NOT want to be confined to it lol!!


  4. RJ says:

    I mostly avoided the 4 month sleep regression by co-sleeping…is that cheating?

    I hope the regression doesn’t throw things off too much for you! Since you’re doing wonder weeks, I think it generally corresponds with the 19 week leap (I forgot if that’s leap 4??). So lots of changes for baby!

    Baby A took 40 min naps until about 3 weeks ago when she suddenly figured out how to transition her sleep cycles on her own and now I get some 1.5-2 hour naps! But there are still lots of naps that are 40min or less. In my short amount of time being a Mommy, I have realized that all babies are different and will do things when they are developmentally ready. Huge DUH but I had such a hard time accepting it, especially when you hear everyone else’s babies are good nappers blah blah 😜

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    • Dani says:

      2 days until start of leap 4!!!!!!

      This morning we did bring Aviana into bed with us because I am ill at the moment and just couldn’t face getting up….she loves that 😩 I say survival is the most important thing and can’t be considered cheating!

      Sometimes when I’m out and about and I see other babies fast asleep I wonder why Aviana was/is never like that!!!! But your right every baby IS different though tough not to be jealous!!! The grass is always greener n all that….!!!!!


  5. ourgreatestdesire says:

    Our sleep regression didn’t last long because I started putting her in the magic sleep suit when it started and that ended it. Of course, I’m not looking forward to the day I have to transition her out of that, lol.


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