Anyone want a 45 minute timer?

You could use Aviana as a 45 minute timer alarm clock. Seriously…this girl is to the minute almost exact in her 45 min sleep cycle. 

Just kidding…Although she makes a good 45 minute alarm clock, I’m not selling her just yet ☺️ in the past few days she has just learned how to giggle, interact and ‘talk’ with me, grab things and now she’s putting them in her mouth…it’s too cute. I love seeing her big leaps, even if it means she can be a grumpy moose in exchange of all that development!

Child development- FASCINATING!!!!! 

I keep hearing that at around 4 months this 45 min cycle will flip with light sleep and R.E.M. Sleep and she will enter her biggest sleep regression? Did this happen to you at 4 months? How did you get through it? 

(Ps. The photo at the top is Aviana after she fell asleep when I was feeding her lying down, so I took a photo opportunity and made it look like she was snuggled up in bed-that’s not how I leave her to sleep!  I promise!! She sleeps in a crib, on a firm surface, no blankets and on her back!!)