The baby sleep solution week 2 & 3

THIS girl….she is really quite amazing. I didn’t want to bore you with too much detail as we work towards step 1 of baby sleep solution so I’ve saved it all up for one post. 

We are almost at four feeds during the day of 6oz. Her first few days at daycare we were thinking she would be on 3-3.5hr feeds of 4oz, but she easily transitioned to 4hr feeds of 5oz and the last feed of the night 6oz. As a result of this change she has started to skip her night time feed. BUT this means she is up early!!! Like 5am. So it’s been tough trying to keep her to a schedule of first feed at 6.30am-is 5am her night feed? No, she isn’t interested in food at that time, but 4am she was. 

OK so let’s talk a bit about the 4 month sleep regression!!!! Umm so we think she is currently in it. But we are not certain, though this is why: She started to have 25-30 minute naps…and as I’ve written about before she was like clockwork with her 40-45 min naps! She has also on occasion been waking up at 9pm/10pm after we put her down at 7pm. First time that happened we were so surprised because this girl had never done that before. The couple of times that this has happened over past few weeks we have gone into the room, gave a few reassuring pats in the crib with a couple of shushes, and she has fallen straight back to sleep. Other times we have also noticed on the monitor that she can wake up, kick around, make a few odd noises and fall back to sleep again. We think she knows how to soothe herself which is helping us through this ‘regression’ or ‘progression’. Last night at 4.15am she cried out a bit, so I got up to go to the toilet to prepare myself to go get her from her room and feed her, but by the time I’d come back she put herself back to sleep! 

Whatever is happening with her sleep, she’s doing great!!!

The next stages of the baby are : step 2, eliminate all night feedings for 12 hours and step 3 sleep or resting in crib for 12 hours. 

We have almost completed steps 2 and 3. Last night she did 11 hours in her crib, she slept for 10.5 then kicked around the last 30 mins on her own in her crib. Most of this has been all her.

The final stage, step 4 is getting her to nap/rest quietly twice a day one hour in morning and two in afternoon. We won’t get to do this step because her daycare does on demand napping- for a good reason- they have newborn babies up to 12 mth olds in the ‘class’ so they can’t schedule nap times and it is noisy as a result. so Aviana sleeps when she decides to sleep while at daycare, considering she had quite a routine for naps we wondered how the teachers put her down to sleep. Turns out what they do is let her play on the floor or in bouncer seat and when she falls asleep they put her in the crib. Not exactly how we thought they would do it, but Aviana seems happy and that’s all that matters. She is still good at going down to nap in her own crib at home.

Weeks 2 & 4 summary: Baby sleep solution seems to be working well for both us and Aviana! She is sleeping though the night if you consider 10-11 hours as the criteria. So think We will stick at it and see if we can get her to sleep/and or stay in her crib for 12 hours!