What’s that hiding under there?

I went to pick up Aviana from daycare and she was one of three babies left. Her teacher was sat in the chair with Aviana and another baby in their bouncers being bounced up and down by her feet. The third baby was napping. The teacher looked like she was at the end of her tether and was about to burst into tears!

It was clear the teacher had zero energy, she looked at me and said in a serious voice, 'if you had gotten her 5 minutes earlier it was a sea of tears'. So I put on my 'hospital surgery slippers' to cover my shoes and went to pick up Aviana. It was clear Aviana was an unhappy bunny! She had not napped ALL day!!!! So it was unsurprising she was a grumpster!

The teacher told me Aviana had been pulling at her left ear all day, so I said she's probably teething! The teacher didn't seem to think so…so I thought nothing of it and thought I will watch out for possible ear infection symptoms.

Later that night throughout the night Aviana woke a couple of times crying out loud briefly before going back to sleep. Nothing that required us to get up and check on her.

Later after another day of crappy napping at daycare I noticed a little white bump!!! Was it a tooth hiding there???

Well what do you think??? Looks like one to me!

And there you have it, first tooth appearance. I feel bad that daycare took the brunt of her teething fussiness for this particular one because we didn't realise at home that anything was different, but I'm secretly glad!!!!

By the way, Aviana finds her new tooth funny to feel with her tongue so she has taken to sticking it out over the tooth a lot!! It's cute but makes her look a little silly!