The two month checkup

Aviana was 2 months old on 21 Feb 2017! This girl is growing fast. Everyday she is learning something new and I am learning something new. She had her 2 month check up on Monday and I went to the appointment without Chris because he had to work after his week off work from the flu. 😟 This was a shame because he didn’t get to share the PAIN of  watching our baby girl scream her head off when she got her vaccine shots!!! But I’ll come back to that part!

Aviana was measured and weighed – Clocking in at 9lbs 5oz (5th percentile) and 22.2″ tall (28th percentile). Her head was still 37cm (15th percentile). Her weight is still a little lower than hoped for, so the doc checked her weight v height. She wasn’t on the charts 😟. Which surprised me because she has been growing such beautiful chubby cheeks. It may just be that she grew long before padding out, the doc didn’t seem overly concerned. We talked about breastfeeding, pees and poops and everything sounded all good. She has 8-10 wet nappies a day with 3-4 poops. When I pump I get 2-2.5oz from each boob. She definitely prefers boob to bottle, but will take a bottle when she has to, although often fusses when she does. So all in all no worries. 

I was a little disappointed she hadn’t put on more weight. But all in all she is a happy baby, so does it matter that she isn’t on the charts? Well, I left the office not thinking much more about it, but later that day I got a call saying that the Dr wanted to see Aviana sooner for a weight recheck in one months time. So I was a little frustrated we didn’t talk about that at the appointment. But obviously if she doesn’t want to see Aviana for another month then it’s still no worries and the Dr is just being cautious. Still, I can’t help but be nervous that Aviana isn’t getting the right nutrition.

So, the other part of the checkup was the vaccinations. After I saw the doctor, I was told the nurse had one more baby to vaccinate before Aviana and they would be with me soon. Well 30 minutes later the nurse came in. Whilst waiting I breastfed Aviana. I had read in my breastfeeding support group forum that breastfeeding before, during and after helps Baby deal with the vaccine better. I don’t know how or what way, but I imagine wits a reassurance thing. So the nurse came in with another nurse, I held Aviana’s arms, the two nurses jabbed her either side in her thighs together so it was over quickly.  But oh my, that scream, Aviana cried something rotten so much so I almost cried! I picked her up right away and continued to breastfeed. Oh the little sobs that came out of my girl as she fed were heart wrenching!!! She really felt sorry for herself! But after 5 more minutes on the boob, I got her dressed and we left. All was fine with the world except for the occasional sniff and tear on the way home. We made it home and I comforted her again by offering my boob. It seemed to work. 

Unfortunately I had an appointment with the oral surgeon in the afternoon (an appointment I had been waiting a while for) and so had to take Aviana to a friend’s house to watch her whilst I was away. I felt bad leaving a freshly jabbed baby with my friend! Fortunately she is a very experienced mommy so was prepared for Aviana’s fussiness! In the end she slept in the wrap and my fri be carried her to calm her. And she slept some more. She had a slightly raised temp of 99.4F so I gave her a small dose of infants Tylenol (AKA Calpol) and we crossed our fingers for a good nights sleep. The past two nights Aviana slept well and she seems to have survived the vaccinations without too much fussiness. The funny thing was that the doctor said to me I should probably give her the Tylenol anyway when I got home because Aviana is an ‘expressive’ baby. Hahaha. I think that’s a polite way of saying she’s a fuss pot! 

Incidentally Aviana is currently going through her second leap (more to come about that!) so a double whammy of comforting required for my poor little Miss! 

My girl feeling sorry for herself – her little sobs were heartbreaking!!!!

Next checkup with more vaccinations is at 4 months (except for her weight recheck in 1 month). I told Chris he better be there to share the suffering of the psychological torture that is Aviana’s crying from her injections!!

10 thoughts on “The two month checkup

  1. Mamalife says:

    It is hard watching them cry with vaccinations! Hurts us more than it hurts them.

    My second one had a slow weight gain, I always worried I wasn’t feeding him enough, he would hover in the 4-5th percentile the whole time. (he is 1 year old and still at the same percentile). The Dr called you after a month to see if Aviana is maintaining her percentile or if she is dropping. As a mom its worrisome, I worried too, but in all honesty, its not to be worried. A pee/ poo diaper count is an accurate indicator.

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  2. RJ says:

    If it makes you feel better my IUGR baby was 9lb 5oz at 2 months, and shorter with a smaller head circumference than yours. At 4 months we had jumped into the 15th percentile. Also, as long as she’s growing on her own curve and not staying stagnant things should be just fine. Keep up the good work.

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    • Dani says:

      Wow, that’s funny they were the same weight! Yes, it does make me a feel a little better, thank you for sharing πŸ™‚ I joined the IUGR facebook support group (BTW – have you found that? It’s a good group!) and literally the same day a baby girl same weight and age had her 2 month check up and her doctor was super happy with her baby’s progress, so it made me feel a bit better that maybe my doc is just being cautious.

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  3. x says:

    I work for the immunization program at WHO, and our evidence-based guidance is that having mothers continue to breastfeed/bottle feed while their children are being immunized, or having the children suck on something if not being fed, reduces pain for the child– so maybe something to see if your doctor would be open to trying. For more info

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