Dear Mum…

Dear Mum,

Thank you for helping us in every way that you do with Aviana.

Thank you for not being judgemental in how we choose to parent and supporting us in all our decisions. Even if they don't always align with what you would choose.

Thank you for your well considered advice on becoming new parents. We know you have lots of experience raising me and my brothers over the past 34 years, yet you recognise that it's been 18 years since you raised a newborn baby and things in the medical world have changed since then. But babies are still babies and the way you love them and show that love hasn't changed over those years. So your experience and advice matters still.

Thank you for loving Aviana, and spoiling her too. She's only been in this world for eight months or so yet she is so loved. And distance doesn't matter as much as you think because she now can show you that she appreciates that love with an excited smile and coo at you on FaceTime. It's quite clear!

I'm grateful that you are not a baby boomer grandparent like what is described in this article…Here about grandparent baby boomers …I don't think you are loathe to give help, but rather the complete opposite!

It's hard living thousands of miles away from you, so thank you for offering to do all that you can despite the fact. We miss you greatly and hope distance doesn't stop the love from ever growing.

I wanted you to know, granny, that you are appreciated by all of us and are grateful to have you, lots of love Xxx

Even if you are a crazy plane spotter!!!

3 thoughts on “Dear Mum…

  1. Amy M. says:

    She sounds so much like my mom!! She never judges, isn’t critical, gives advice when I ask for it, and spoils this baby whenever she can!! It’s so hard being so far away (well, at least we’re on the same continent!) and not being able to go see my mom whenever I want to, but I still know she’s always there if I need anything. When she calls and I put her on speaker phone, Cadence gets all happy and looks behind the phone to see where she is lol! Here’s to having fabulous moms!! 🙂

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    • Dani says:

      Awww, that’s wonderful! we always hear about the bad experiences of new grandparents in their new role being a pain in the ass so I thought I’d share some positivity ☺️


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