Happiness is….

After my less than happy post the other day I thought I'd take a walk on the happy side and think about the past few days!

Happiness is…

…my 8 month old daughter having fits of laughter over the seemingly unobvious.

…the snuggles in bed with my husband, daughter and BOTH cats!

…seeing my daughter peer round a corner first thing in the morning and we when she sees me, grins from ear to ear as if I'm the best thing since Breastmilk.

…my husband getting deservedly promoted to director. And his nice pay rise with it.

…the sunshine after a few days of tropical storm related miserable rain.

…knowing that our newly laid (DIY) patio weathered the tropical storm rains!!!

…discovering that a graham cracker (or digestive biscuit) layered with lemon curd and Greek yoghurt on top is just as tasty as a lemon cheesecake without the hassle of making one, if not better. Seriously yum.

…watching my daughter eat a pickle spear for the first time. She loved it!!! (Weirdo)

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