9 month wellness visit

We decided that I would take Aviana to her 9 month wellness visit because there was only the one vaccination, so it would be easy to do on my own!


Well…little Miss A has developed quite a personality in the past few weeks when it comes to impatience (don’t know who she gets that from 🤔) and I am convinced she remembers the doctors as the evil place she gets stabbed with a needle or two. So these two facts combined, created a mini hell for me. Aviana was really fussy once we were in the actual treatment room and started to throw a tantrum which she does when she wants something (in this case out of that room!!!) She throws her whole body rigid and straight out without thinking about hurting herself if she does that.

Once the doctor finally came in after 45 mins of waiting Aviana was in a real grump, like a devilish grump. She was doing fine until the doctor wanted to lie her down see what she would do mobility wise. Aviana isnt crawling yet, mostly because she isn’t keen lying on her front. However she does walk/run/jump when holding her hands, so I’m not overly worried. For some reason Aviana didn’t want to do anything for the doctor, so the doctor was relying on my explanation of what she can/can’t do and a very brief observation of her screaming because she didn’t want to be on the floor. Or anywhere else in that room as a matter of fact! The doctor did talk about possible ‘early intervention’ because it’s free in our city for people to come and see Aviana in our house to evaluate her. But I really felt it wasn’t necessary. So the doctor said she would check again at 1 year (by which point she thinks Aviana will be walking – actually, she reckoned in a couple of weeks which I’m not ready for just yet!!). I was pleased with myself for making that decision. It really seemed a bit too soon.

After the doctor was done with Aviana it was time to have her flu shot-so we waited some more. Aviana was screaming before the nurse even jabbed her with a needle! But somehow when the nurse gave Aviana the vaccine, she found another level of crying I hadn’t seen before – pissed and hurt all at the same time!!! It was horrible. I felt like the worse parent in the world!

The good news is that Aviana is no longer considered underweight!!!! Wooohoooo!!!! She is 15lbs 13oz – and has gone from 6th to 12th percentile in 3 months! Also, she is now 28″ long – 61 percentile. The doctor was very pleased. As was I!!!!

Aviana and her little friend, Sushi playing together (BTW she’s fine on her tummy for about 5 mins, but she’s getting better at it)

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