Mompreneur? Nope.

Mompreneurs – let me just say NO.  Boss Babes – a definite NO. Why?  Because you wouldn’t catch a man calling himself a dadpreneur or Boss Dude.  Sorry, it’s been bothering me since I caught sight of the term yesterday.  End of Rant.

It is actually a coincidence I speak of Mompreneurs because I am on day 1 of the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship bootcamp in California Much of the week we will work through the method for a startup.  I am not sure how I ended up here with work, but I am feeling very lucky to be here.  50% of the class are Berkeley students so at the grand age of 35 I am feeling pretty mature in this class!  But at the same time I am already in love with their youthful ambitions and energy.  Their lives are not so complicated yet.

Oh to be young and uncomplicated! We had an ice breaker session where we asked each other 2 questions to get us to learn about the importance of trust.  The first question was – what is your secret love? (person, thing, action) and second question – what have you failed at?  And what did you learn?  I chuckled as some of the students answered – not getting on their college sports team, or, not getting a job.  Ahhhh so young and naive.

Today 30 people were given 1 minute to pitch their idea for a startup.  Some of these people were already a business, but embryonic.  Only 20 ideas would be taken forward, the rest of the class had to figure out which of these 30 ideas they wanted to with.  As they pitched I noted down 5 great ideas that interested me, a couple that were exceptional and I truly believed they would be successful (Note to self, take mental note of the names of these people!), a few pitches were just plain awful, and the rest I was indifferent about.  In the end one pitch stood out for me.  The idea was still embryonic, the guy who pitched it had passion and came across as smart, but he didn’t articulate his idea particularly well because he hadn’t really nailed down what exactly he wanted to do.  This was the part I found intriguing.  We had 30 minutes to meet with the people who pitched their ideas to determine if we wanted to be part of their team (and if the wanted us too!).  Interestingly, he attracted to his team a diverse group of people with a range of skills…this is what is emphasised heavily in the bootcamp.  Diversity makes for a winning team.  A good example is Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg

I am probably the oldest in the team and the only parent so I am intrigued how these factors will make a difference this week.  May be some day I will be an entrepreneur, my time is not up just because I am 35. No.  Age is not a factor (although experience may be) And you can be a parent and still be an entrepreneur.  I do think that risk taking is likely to reduce and may mean that the bang for buck might not be as good.  That’s just a gut feeling – a bias may be, it’s not a statement of fact.  But it is definitely an interesting issue I’m going to keep an eye on this throughout the week….How much does being a parent influence entrepreneurship?

By the way, as this all goes on Aviana is getting better at walking, I am sure I will come back home after this week to a true walking toddler! It has also been a while since I travelled away from home, so it will be interesting to see her response to me not being there and me returning for 24 hours before heading off to Paris for another week.  The guilt is real.

4 thoughts on “Mompreneur? Nope.

    • Dani says:

      I didn’t get to see too much of it because the course was intense working late into the night. But a lovely lady took us on a hike around some of the beautiful hills and I quickly fell in love with the area! Now I’ve just got to figure out how to afford more than just a shoe box to live in?! :-p

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  1. shantellsweeney says:

    Dani, just wanted to chime in on your mompreneur rant. ….I get what you are saying…guys would never use the term dadpreneur…but I think our (women) journey is so different from men. Whatever we aspire to do, traditionally, it is in addition to all the many hats we wear. I think we all wear our mama hats proudly. I think the term encourages, motivates and brings us together!

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    • Dani says:

      Thanks for commenting!! I love to hear different views! I absolutely agree that our journey is different. I was talking to my hubby the other day about a women’s meeting I went to, and he asked me how it would feel if there was a man’s only meeting. My response was that until there was some vague resemblance of gender balance and equal access in my organization then we can quit the women’s meetings. So I do get what you say…..but I feel like ‘boss babe’ isn’t an empowering term. If you read the definition of babe, it’s either ‘baby’ or ‘someone affectionately known as when in a relationship’. Not really the right message. And ‘mompreneurs’, being a mom is important to me, but I believe it isn’t that helpful to the cause. It might motivate other moms and bring them together but I don’t think guys take it seriously. I also think MLM-ers also have sadly tarnished that name. I don’t have a cool name for such a movement, but these two particularly annoy me!! I will also point out that I am not an entrepreneur so I’m only commenting from the outside looking in!!! 😳


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