Are Easter Baskets the New Christmas Stockings?

Did I not get the memo?  Or am I so oblivious to this tradition as a Brit living in the US? All over my facebook page yesterday were photos of beautiful Easter baskets full of goodies…and then some. Chocolates, candies, stickers, books, balls, cuddly toys, toys and more toys. I was beginning to wonder if Easter was the new Christmas. For example….

huge basket

A paddling pool filled with toys parading as an “Easter basket”

If Aviana could talk, she’d go into daycare today and tell her friends about her super fun Easter weekend….

“I had such a fun weekend! Mummy and Daddy took me to a free easter egg hunt organised by the city at our local park.  I took my little felt Easter basket and lined up with all the other kids who were 3 years old and under.  As soon as the horn was blown I raced to pick up as many little plastic eggs in the field in front of us as I could carry.  But everyone else was quicker 😦 Mummy and Daddy turned me around to the field where the bigger kids were because they hadn’t found all their eggs yet.  I got one!!! But suddenly a swarm of big kids came running towards me.  I was afraid they’d push me over to get my egg!  And then….all the eggs were gone.  Well, at least I found one!  As we were leaving Daddy was talking with another parent and mentioned I had only managed to find one.  A big boy who must have been about 7 years old shared some of his eggs with me.  What a lovely thing to do!  Other kids came away with huge buckets full of eggs!  But next year I’ll get my training shoes on and I’ll be bigger so I can race the other kids!  I’ve only just learned how to run, so I’m still a bit wobbly on my feet.

The next day I was so tired from running around in the park I slept in a bit later than usual (You are welcome mummy and daddy, my Easter gift to you) but when I woke up I was excited for “Daddy Pancakes”, something we have every Sunday.  Today was extra special because Daddy made me a bunny rabbit pancake with chocolate chips for eyes and a nose.


After eating A LOT of pancakes Mummy and Daddy took me out to the garden because the Easter bunny had left some treats for me!  I learned how to hunt Easter eggs last week at daycare, so I was quite a pro at looking for the little bright coloured plastic eggs.  Some eggs had little plastic toys in them, others had nothing in them – tricky Easter bunny! and then the best ones had cheerios and raisins in them! I filled up the whole basket with eggs!


It was so much fun!!!  Did you have a fun weekend too??”

Other Kid:

“Yes!!!! But I got a huuuuuuuuuuge Easter basket with new books and toys in it!  In fact, there wasn’t enough room for all the toys so the Easter bunny had to pile them up AROUND the basket!  Didn’t you get any new toys?


“Hmmm.  No I didn’t”

Other Kid:

“Wow, unlucky.  Haha. May be the Easter bunny thought you were naughty so didn’t give you any toys.”

Aviana starts to cry……”But I’m a good girl!! Mummy and Daddy always tell me I’m a good girl, they never tell me I’m naughty….”

Ahh Aviana….you will learn some lessons from this….

1. You can’t have everything.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others…Comparison is the thief of joy.

3. The Easter bunny only poops out little eggs.  How can it poop out toys to give to children?  That’s just silly.

4.  Restraint….from not punching other kids that taunt you.

8 thoughts on “Are Easter Baskets the New Christmas Stockings?

  1. My Perfect Breakdown says:

    Yes!!! I clearly missed the memo that Easter baskets are the new Christmas stockings! (Perfect analogy by the way). I was shocked as I scrolled through IG over the weekend seeing what other parents put together for their kids, considering I thought I did pretty good with a few bright coloured eggs filled with some stickers and chocolate and a sand castle building bucket to put them in (or to wear on your head in the case of Little MPB).

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  2. Amy M. says:

    I did what I could with C’s basket in the dollar bins! Beyond that I got her a cheap new baby doll, and some summer clothes that I decided to use to pad her basket instead of going right in her drawer lol. I was shocked by the amount if stuff people got their kids as well. C was happy with her doll and cup, and the Easter eggs filled with her snacks that were already in our cupboard!! 😄

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    • Dani says:

      We plan to buy Aviana’s Christmas stocking goodies from the dollar store! Father Christmas doesn’t have an endless pocket of money!!! Same with the Easter bunny ☺️ I’m sure in a few years snacks from the cupboard won’t work so well…but for now…🤷‍♀️😂


  3. TheUnforseenPath says:

    I am from the US and you have a very good point about the extreme easter baskets here! They have been that way for a long time, even when I was growing up I remember my friends talking about getting toys, games, and videos. I have only ever gotten candy and maybe a stuffed rabbit or something small each year from my parents and that’s what I plan on doing with my daughter. Easter is not about getting lots of toys! It’s definitely getting too commercialized here.


  4. Sanibel says:

    I was shocked at the amount of stuff people got for their kids too! My poor kid got zero candy, because I don’t think a two year old needs that much. Stickers, bubbles, swim goggles and a book (that could fit inside a normal size basket) were about it. That was what my Mom did for us so I thought it was normal?? I guess not:) Yet, I think our kids will survive:) I’m not about to turn Easter into Christmas!


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