Back to work day 2

Ughhhhh further to my ‘milk bar’ post, Aviana did not take my milk in a bottle today, so Chris ended up giving her formula which apparently she happily chugged down. She’s also quite happy to still take my boob because this evening I fed her before she went to bed. So it’s a bit frustrating to say the least.

Today was my first full day back at work and it was tough. I was only able to take a 25min break at 1030AM, of which half of it I spent finding the ‘privacy room’. Then later I pumped at 1300, for only 10 mins at 1500 and 1730 before I went home. This privacy room doesn’t have a chair in it. It has a huge fridge, a sink, dishwasher and some cupboards. The plug socket to plug my pump into was unhelpfully right next to the sink. Also people are using the fridge for their lunch (they shouldn’t be) so I got a knock at the door despite me putting the ‘privacy room-do not disturb’ sign on the door. 

Glad I wore a shirt today so I could easily pump hands free!

I managed to pump 4oz, 3oz, 0.5oz and 3oz in each pump session. The 0.5oz was when I only had a 15minute break-I felt stressed and rushed so didn’t get much out. But overall, it was not too bad and seems to be a sufficient amount to cover the next day-assuming Aviana decides to drink it!

When I got home and Chris told me she wouldn’t take my milk – even the freshly pumped stuff – I was a bit upset. I felt like a failure even though I know that’s ridiculous because it’s out of my control. All my milk still tasted soapy even the stuff I had pumped after 2hrs. Ughhhh. But the puzzle is she took my fresh milk on Sunday, albeit with some fuss…so what gives Miss Aviana? I then tasted all my milk pumped freshly from today and yes they all had some degree of soapiness, but maybe she is used to a little soapiness? Nevertheless, I went through the process of scalding today’s fresh milk to inactivate the lipase and prevent my milk from getting any more sour in preparation for tomorrow’s feeds. Hopefully that will work.

It was hard enough fitting in all the pumping today around a schedule that is set out and not in my control. When I go back to work properly I will have more time to choose when I pump, so this is doubly hard this week! I haven’t been eased in gently to all this!!!!! 

Despite all this, I did manage to actually nail my presentation on behalf of my project team today. I also stayed awake for most of the day. Phew! I survived! But it’s only Monday……ask me again on Wednesday how going back to work has been!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Back to work day 2

  1. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Wowyou are one amazing lady. I mixed fed both my girlies and they did not reject the boob because of the formula . can you mix breast milk with formula ?? Not sure but I wouldn’t want your milk to go to waste .

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    • Dani says:

      That is exactly what I had prepared for this morning – I got a bottle of my scalded milk and a bottle of formula ready to mix 50-50 just in case she wouldnt take the scalded milk. But in the end she took all my scalded milk alone. Phew!!!!


    • Dani says:

      I certainly survived!!!! Got to get a bigger sign for the door because I got interrupted again, though I think people will quickly realise that it’s best they store their lunch in the fridge round the corner now!

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