Back to work day 6 of 6

I made it!!!!!! I survived all 6 days of being back at workšŸ˜¬

My thoughts on going back to work for just 6 days….

  • Aviana has grown and changed a lot in 1 week. Well she’s always grown and changed a lot in 1 week I just never noticed it quite so much! 
  • I missed Aviana. I appreciated those night time feeds a lot more. I didn’t want to let her go. 
  • I didn’t miss Aviana. I didn’t miss trying to figure out what she wanted.
  • Aviana drank my scalded milk!!! Woohoo!! Problem solved! Chris also figured out how to give her a bottle without crying and fussing…by holding her with a pillow.
  • Pumping sucks. It takes some time and the room they offered me after the many interruptions was not ideal. But it was also only temporary. When I go back full time properly in May they told me they will find a new dedicated lactation/privacy room. I told the facilities manager what would ideally be needed. Chair, power outlet, refrigerator, table, nice to haves – sink, & microwave. 
  • I’m not sure what I’m going to do about exercising during the week in the future because rather than exercise at lunchtime I will be pumping! 
  • Chris makes a wonderful SAHD.
  • I enjoyed intellectual conversations this week!!!

Now time for some well deserved vino!!!!

7 thoughts on “Back to work day 6 of 6

  1. andthewindscreamsmary says:

    You definitely need a better room. Our lactation rooms (we have two at our office) each have a sink with a mirror and a cabinet that is stocked with paper towels, hand soap and dish soap and extra room so we can store our bags/pumps during the day rather than lug them back and forth to our offices. We have a TV tray to use and power outlets. Also a mini fridge in each room for storing pumped milkSo sad that you do not, I think you deserve that at a bare minimum! I would be so mad. But at least they have recognized they need to do better when you are back full time!!!

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    • Dani says:

      Two rooms!!! Wow!!!

      Yes I’m going to try and get as much as possible. The facilities staff are pretty good so I think if I ask I shall get! So if you have any tips on anything else than what you have said already please share!!!!

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      • andthewindscreamsmary says:

        Yes, two rooms. We actually have quite a few pumping mothers and we have a sign up schedule and everything. You have to book your times as soon as you return!
        We also have signs on the door that you change to “In Use” or “Vacant” so others know not to try and enter, but the doors also lock. There’s even some magazines (like People and Working Mother.)


  2. RJ says:

    They grow and change so much at this age. It’s insane! Glad the return to work was ok. I always have mixed feelings about being at work in that I am glad to be having adult time and contributing but then I miss my baby! Having good daycare is helpful but I still hope she’s doing well there without me (she seems to be so I should stop worrying).

    Good luck with the ultimate return to work!

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    • Dani says:

      Thank you!! I think being comfortable and happy with the daycare will be critical. She is going to daycare part time a few weeks before I go back so hopefully that will help ease me in (because I think I need to be eased in more so than she does!!! )

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