The third night back in the UK 

Aviana slept for almost the whole trip. She went pretty much right through from her usual bedtime (7pm) right to the morning 6am US time, 10am UK time when we landed. On the plane from Philly to London she slept in the bassinet that fits into the bulk head. The plane was pretty much empty so it was a relatively quiet flight. My Father in Law travelled with me so it was very handy to have help carrying things! I’ve learned what I can and can’t do in my own for my return trip back. Aviana was an angel and everybody adored her. She even managed to bag not just one set of wings, but two! One from Norfolk Airport staff, the other from American Airlines!!!

The first night in the new time zone I thought she would still be on American time. So when I put her down to sleep at 6.15pm I expected her to wake up again in her usual 40 minute nap. 3hrs later I was peeking in on her to make sure she was still alive! She was sleeping through for the night! It had been a strange and long day for her so it wasn’t too surprising. I gave her a dream feed when I went to bed at 10pm and she slept through to 4am, and again til 7am. It was as if she hadn’t left the US. How did she know? She had none of the normal bedtime cues like bath/change/feed etc.

Second night I bathed her and did the usual routine but it took a little longer to get her down, so by 8.15pm she was down and out for the night. She woke up at 2am, 3.45am and 7.45am. Not so bad, although the 3.45am feed wasn’t much welcome I almost fell asleep feeding her!

Tonight, the third night, I put her down at 6.30pm, thinking she would just nap and wake up, have her bath etc after 40 mins. but nope. She’s down and out for the night again!! What will the night bring me? 

How do babies adjust like that? How does their circadian rhythm work at this age? I really hope it works going back the other way! Because if she did this in the US at the same time we’d be screwed!!!!

I’m super impressed with how Aviana has coped with all this traveling and sleeping in different places. A month or so ago this holiday would not have been fun with Aviana. But it actually hasn’t been bad at all, she has been a star-I’m not bragging just merely commenting on my low expectations for sleep this week!!!

I’ll write another post later about my transatlantic flying lessons learned!!! Because I have a few 😝

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