My first Mother’s day

I spent my first Mother’s Day with Aviana in the UK at my parents house, but sadly no Chris. The big question is…which Mother’s Day do we celebrate? The US and UK Mother’s Days are almost always on a different date (unlike Father’s Day!!!). She’s an American-British daughter and I’m a British mother. If she goes to school in America it will probably be more likely we will celebrate the American one. 

But despite this confusion, Aviana surprised me with flowers, an abundance of chocolates, a balloon and some prosecco!! What a clever girl! OK so maybe she had a little help ☺️

Motherhood is wonderfully rewarding, despite the odd occasional trying times of despair. So on Mother’s Day I had a bit of a cry thinking that there are many women I know still without their babes in their arms. I know how tough that day can be. I wish they could have their hearts as full as mine is right now.

I am extremely grateful to have Aviana in my life, so for now I feel like celebrating her, my little Rocky 💕 Thank you Aviana for being our little fighter X

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