Day 2 in the big brother house and we are still all friends…just…

I thought Day 2 was going to be a challenge, but actually it wasn’t all that bad.  Our nanny comes from 1pm – 9pm so we knew that it would be a bit disruptive, but our nanny is great and she was supportive of what we were trying to achieve.  My biggest concern was that Aviana hasn’t been taking the bottle since I got back from the UK.  However, she took both bottles (with a bit of fighting) and our nanny managed to stick to the schedule.  The nanny needed to use some of the distraction techniques to get there, but she did it!  (AND we managed to get a date night in – whoop whoop!)

Day 2 Summary: Aviana’s first day of being on a 3 hour feed schedule with a bit of distraction….! Yey! Was it a fluke or is this a sign of good things to come??!?!


    • Dani says:

      Daytime distractions are to get her to the next feeding…placing baby in bouncer and entertain with toys or music (duh!), place baby on play gym, activity mat, offer pacifier (not something we do except for at nap/bed time), bounce baby in knee and sing nursery rhymes, entertain baby with favourite games….generally keep them not thinking about food!!! But the book does say it is better to give in and feed your baby a few minutes before the desired feeding time so they are not overly frustrated or uncomfortable. It’s not a cry it out method just distract distract distract…which is hard work!!

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      • Amy M. says:

        That’s what I’ve been trying to do. She’s been wanting to eat every 1 1/2 hours, it gets to be a lot sometimes. We’ve been able to stretch her out to 2, MAYBE 2 1/2, but that’s it :-/


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