The Baby Sleep Solution Day 3

Remember I said it takes 3 days to create a bad habit and 7 days to break one in an infant???! Aghhhh is it over yet???!!!

I literally lay down next to Aviana’s crib and cried. Why does this girl fight napping so much?? She is yawning and dozing off but then screams and kicks til she is red in the face! May be she is like me after all, I can’t nap during the day unless I’m ill.

So Aviana kept to the 3 hour feed schedule nicely throughout the day. I think we are winning on that front. She generally seems much happier at the boob. I even managed to feed her in public- in a Panera Bread, so not exactly the quietist of locations, I was prepared to get into the car, but she was just fine in the end.

As for napping??!! She’s a little messed up, I suppose it will take a few more days. 

Nap 1 – 4 rounds of 3 mins of crying and she was asleep. Not bad!

Nap 2 – 3 rounds of 3 mins of crying, she then kicked around in her crib for 10 mins on her own quietly, then cried for 3 mins one last time, I went in to reassure her again and then she went to sleep. 

Nap 3 – nope. She was not having it. She was full of food, clean nappy and YAWNING – this girl was just crying and crying and would not stop. I spent 20 minutes with her and she would not stop, I even picked her up and cuddled her, I had to but she was still inconsolable. After I lay her back down again, She fell asleep. But just for 5 mins, she woke up and just cried and cried some more. And then I cried because I really could not read her, I had no clue why she was crying so much. I tried everything. I just felt like a failure! How could I not fix it for her? I wanted to quit this baby sleep solution! None of  he usual tricks would soothe her. Eventually one hour later she was finally hungry and so I fed her and all was right with the world. I thought she might fall asleep at the boob because she was so tired, but she didn’t! So there was no nap 3 in the end. No nap all afternoon.

And so then she stayed awake for the rest of the afternoon until it was bedtime!   She obviously went out like a light as soon as she went into the crib.But who could blame her she had been awake for almost 6.5hrs (with just that 5 minute nap). Do almost 4 month olds do that???!

Day 3 Sunmary – I felt like quitting after all that crying in the afternoon, fortunately I didn’t and neither did Aviana. But we made good Positive progress on moving to 3 hour feeds.

One thought on “The Baby Sleep Solution Day 3

  1. ourgreatestdesire says:

    I don’t know what he does once he gets home but the last 2 days my almost 4 mo old daycare baby refuses to take an afternoon nap. It’s driving me mad since that’s the only time everyone else is asleep and I get a break.


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