The baby sleep solution day 5

Aviana slept from 7pm til 4.10am again!!! She went back to sleep after her ‘night time’ feed for just 20 minutes.  Doh.  Oh well. Perhaps this is part of the process! Then she snacked at 6.30AM because she had fed at 4AM she wasn’t hugely interested in eating.

She was on schedule perfectly for the rest of the day.  She went down at 8.15AM after one round of 3 minutes of crying, again at 11.45AM, similar.  This time she actually took an afternoon nap at 2PM!  Little fuss. It was tough to keep her awake between her 3.30PM feed and her 6.30PM feed, but she stayed awake, Chris did a great job.  We had friends over so we had lots of ways to distract her!  She fussed a little after bath time, but Chris coped well and she took the bottle after about 5 minutes (I’m sure it felt longer than that for Chris!).  She fell asleep at 7PM after just one round of crying…although she cried for 2 minutes, stopped, almost fell asleep by herself, then a few minutes later cried for 3 minutes, then Chris went into reassure her and she was fast asleep.  So she is almost at the brink of soothing herself within a few minutes.  But not quite there yet!

She is taking the bottle well from Chris!!!! She took between 3oz to 4.5oz at each feed.  I was pumping just before so she had fresh milk in the bottle, and at one feed I had to use milk left over from the first pump of the day (I pumped 6oz she took 4oz), so I hope my supply can keep up.  I do have a cold so may be my supply has dipped a little.  Just got to keep nursing and pumping!!!

Day 5 Summary: Aviana is on schedule with her feeds, with little fuss at nap times, extending her night time sleep already, perhaps Day 4 wasn’t a coincidence after all?

3 thoughts on “The baby sleep solution day 5

  1. My Perfect Breakdown says:

    I love how organized/structured you are with feeding times. It’s just like we were at that age, I remember it fondly! We used an ap to track everything, and found it really helpful because it was on both of our phones and everything was linked and upto date.

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    • Dani says:

      I’m starting to think Aviana likes the structure too…
      We have an app we share too! It’s funny because I can stalk chris when he has Aviana to see what she is doing hehe!!!

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      • My Perfect Breakdown says:

        We totoally stalked each other with the app! And we found the app useless once we started on solids, it didn’t work well anymore because we didn’t know quantities. I’ll admit, giving up the app was a very hard transition for us, we liked our exact measurements and time records.


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