The Baby Sleep Solution Day 4

It’s the weekend!!!! Whoop whoop!  So Chris can help out 🙂

Aviana slept to 4.30AM….I woke up thinking it was 3.30 and was pleasantly surprised that it was actually an hour later.  wooohooo! Unfortunately, she did not go back to sleep after this feed. Boooooo.  But her sleeping 7PM to 4.30AM is not bad at all and have nothing to complain about.  Chris took her from 5.15 to 6.30 so I could get a little bit of sleep in, but I only managed to fall asleep at 6.20, and then…..

I fed her at 6.30AM as per the planned schedule.  The plan for the weekend was for Chris to bottle feed her my expressed milk in preparation for her going to day care in 1.5 weeks time because she was hating the bottle!  And so she completely skipped her next feed that was due at 9.30AM.  I was starting to get worried that she would never take the bottle.  But she finally took it at 12.30PM without any fuss.  That was a huge relief!  And she took the next bottle at 4PM and then again before bed at 6.30PM.  LIKE A CHAMP!

Naps…I put her down for her early morning nap and she cried for 3 minutes 2 times. Progress!  She napped in the car and in her buggy whilst we were out at an easter event on a farm.  We got home and she would not go down for a nap in the afternoon at all.  Nope.  Somehow she managed to stay awake all afternoon.  We were thoroughly confused! Then she went to bed with zero fuss, no crying…unsurprisingly she was zonked!

Day 4 Summary…may be there is something in this baby sleep solution?  Something is changing.  Is it a one off or a coincidence?

One thought on “The Baby Sleep Solution Day 4

  1. Amy M. says:

    Cadence doesn’t usually take a nap in the evening, which means​ she’ll be awake from around 4-5 until about 10-10:30! Some days she gets grumpy, some not. We’re in the middle of a leap and teething though, so that’s been fun! I hope Aviana gets settled into a routine for you soon!


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