The first Independence day

Independence Day/4th July – a conflict of emotions for a dual US-UK citizen? I wouldn’t know because I’m a UK citizen, but I live in the US, so I know a bit about it. But my daughter is a dual citizen, so in sure some day she will tell me about that.

In the UK we are not taught at school about the revolutionary war, or much about US history as a matter of fact, we have quite a bit of our own history to get through first ;-p. So much of what I know about it is what I have learned since moving to Virginia. Which turns out to be a great place to live and learn about the war of independence. So whether we decide to stay long enough for Aviana to learn about it at school in the US or not, we will be able to teach her the history. 

So what about the celebrations? Well, much of what I have experienced for 4th July is about getting together with friends and family to eat, typically have a BBQ party (grill out), wear red, white and blue, see a parade or two and watch some fireworks! It’s a lot of fun. Until you bring out the Union Jack flag…..ha! Just kidding. This year we went to the beach, hung out with friends and then went to a friend’s house to hang out at their pool. It was fun! I think we can continue a tradition of celebrating Independence Day for Aviana’s sake. But we must not forget to teach her the British holidays too whilst we are here in the US. Like the Queen’s jubilee and Guy Fawkes night. However, seeing as fireworks are illegal here it won’t be much fun on the 5th November!

Having a dual citizen daughter without one of the parents being one nationality is a bit strange because we should learn the traditions, but we don’t have attachment to them so they probably won’t be genuine? I don’t know, perhaps if we stay here long enough we will learn them, if we left the US tomorrow I’m not sure how much of the American traditions we would take back with us, but I certainly want to try. I think it’s important to create opportunity for Aviana to take some American cultural identity if she wants it. Until she is old enough to make those kind of decisions herself we will offer that opportunity at the least! 

Hope those of you who celebrated had a wonderful holiday! 

Celebrating with a red white and blue French toast – how apt 😝

5 thoughts on “The first Independence day

  1. My Perfect Breakdown says:

    I love this!! Just like you Mr. MPB and I are Canadian and our son is/will be dual Canadian-USA. We clearly celebrate the Canadian traditions (I.e. Canada day on July 1st and Canadian thanksgiving in October) but we are making an effort to at least acknowledge the USA traditions as well. For July 4th as dressed him and the dog up in USA bandanas. And we really want to eventually celebrate July 4th in the USA somewhere when he’s old enough to enjoy the fireworks and party.
    Our theory is thag while we as his parents will never be dual citizens, he is so we have to try to embrace his culture and heritage whenever we can. 😊

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    • Dani says:

      Ohhhh forgot to wish you a happy Canada Day!!! I work with Canadians too so I always wish them a happy holiday too!!! It’s a whole lot of partying that week for the MPBs!!! I love that you dressed little MPB up for the 4th! I think it’s great you are embracing it too! The question I have for you is what about thanksgiving? Because you celebrate it differently dont you?
      Chris wouldn’t let me get anything for Aviana 🙄 well actually the story goes…we went to target to buy nappies and I said ooooh we should get something for the 4th July for Aviana, Chris begrudgingly said OK, but he want keen, turned out they were all sold out of baby stuff. And we didn’t try any harder than that 😝

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      • My Perfect Breakdown says:

        We celebrate thanksgiving in October. But from what I know it’s essentially the same type of celebration just a few weeks earlier. Last year we didn’t do anything to acknowledge the USA thanksgiving. Maybe one year we will but that one seems a bit more pointless simply because they are so similar.
        And last year I learned the same thing about buying clothing for special holidays, you must buy early or you’ll be out of luck! ☺


  2. zim says:

    I actually never thought about this– we were living in Europe when our son was born, but aren’t from there. Then again, he doesn’t have citizenship in his country of birth (and we only stayed for 4m after he was born…), however it’s a good point that we should maybe try and find a way to keep a connection to his ‘birth land’.

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