More food please!

The thing about being a parent to an IUGR* baby is that you get paranoid about their weight, lack there of . A few weeks ago Aviana was barely drinking any milk and refusing solids. For almost two weeks, it got to the point where I asked Chris should we make an appointment to see the doctor? I asked him if he thought I was making a fuss out of nothing? I had weighed her twice on her scales and she was dropping slightly off her own curve. As an analyst I know better that two data points don’t constitute a trend! But it got me worried. So Chris said it can’t hurt to talk to the doctor.

With that in mind and in typical fashion, literally the next day Aviana started eating like she was a giant who hadn’t eaten for months. She drank all her milk and ate all her food. Well, except for meat. Aviana does not like meat at all. We continue to offer, but to no avail. And the majority of vegetables, she won’t touch them anymore. But we have found cunning ways to get her to eat vegetables. Breaded with cheese, baked in muffins and cooked in fritters! That is with the exception of peas, she will eat peas til the cows come home. Go peas! Just give her a big bowl of peas and she will devour them delightfully. It was wonderful to see her eat!

Just as Aviana was getting good at eating…she got ill, and we are back to square one. She has even been refusing her firm favourites of yoghurt, fruit and cereal! But I’ve learned from the past few months that she will be ok. She won’t starve. Mostly because she now knows the baby signs for milk, more, and eat! It makes it a bit easier that she can communicate with us. So we are trying to teach her other signs to help reduce some of the crying and fussing.

I haven’t weighed her recently, but we did measure her height using a highly inaccurate method of her ‘standing’ next to her height chart. It looks lime she has grown almost 1.5″ in the past three weeks! She is tall in comparison to her classmates so it will be interesting to see her official height according to the doctors in a couple of weeks time. She still doesn’t have rolls of fat on her, but she has definitely grown some fat on her, it makes me proud how far she has come this year. It’s been an amazing and interesting year of milk and food discovery that’s for sure. I’ve learned a lot more than I thought I would have by now about how to feed a baby and a toddler. I know we have a lot more to learn as our baby grows into a stubborn toddler 😝

*intrauterine growth restricted

9 thoughts on “More food please!

  1. Nara says:

    B has that cup! He loves it! I actually have three of them in various locations – nursery, travel bag and home!
    Sorry to hear Aviana has been off her food but glad you aren’t too worried about it. I barely ever weigh B – I think he only gets weighed at the doctor’s. I’ve no idea how much he weighs! He definitely seemed to slim down once he started moving but he’s still chubby. I miss the fat rolls though! On the meat thing – I have never given him meat. It’s a bit of a dilemma really. T wants him to have it and I don’t. (Probably should do a post on that! I never have time to blog any more!) Anyway, so far he has only had veggies and he seems to be fine. So I’m sure Aviana will be fine even if she doesn’t have much meat, as long as she’s getting other food. It’s so cool she’s tall! She’s done so well!

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    • Dani says:

      I’m intrigued about the meat thing! Apparently it’s very common for babies to not eat meat at this age which is interesting! Most of the time she looks at the meat, looks back at me as if to say are you kidding? And won’t even pick it up. Or if she does pick it up pulls a funny face before it gets close to her mouth!!
      I think it’s cool that Aviana is tall because it’s a conversation starter 😳People get very confused about Aviana’s age because she is so tall, slim but got no hair! Or perhaps that’s normal around this age to be confused because she’s not walking yet I don’t know! I don’t like to ask how old babies are, it feels impolite to me. All I know is that in her 10-19m gym class and daycare class she is the tallest.

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      • Nara says:

        Ah I just find the idea icky as I really wasn’t pleased when I found out what meat was. But I guess he will have to try it eventually! He’s mainly on baby food now so it’s easy enough. But maybe I need to go veggie!
        Aviana will probably be tall and slim like you! B is about average I think, possibly a bit small. I carry him everywhere so I don’t mind that!


  2. Ann says:

    Deloghted to hear food intake has improved again. Children do “go off” things from time to time. I can recall some problems with one of mine about the same age. He refused all food except saysages, baked beans, stewed apple and ice cream. He wouldn’t eat much of those either which resulted in his weighing less at 12 months than he weighed at 10 months! However he gradually ate more and of more variety. The food I had to disguise for a while – this was about a year later was eggs. We were on holiday in Portugal and I found a recipe on a jelly packet for making a sort of jelly (jello I think in USA) with egg in it. This empty packet came home with me and was used several times. Boring when the olds reminisce but hope it serves to show it happens with children other than IUGR kids.

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    • Dani says:

      Thanks Ann, yes, it is very normal for all babies this age to be picky and selective- and apparently goes on for years to come! I’ve learned that being relaxed about it all helps her better enjoy eating. It can be hard sometimes to maintain that ☺️

      The only thing about IUGR babies is that they often don’t have much wriggle
      Room to drop in weight. Some doctors are very practical about it (like mine is fortunately) and see the bigger picture. But it can end up with (unnecessary) intervention. For example, A lady in my support group who had a daughter exactly the same weight at Aviana’s age (but was shorter! So her height weight ratio was better than Aviana’s) Was sent to the hospital for ‘malnutrition’ because the doctor she saw only saw that moment in time the baby’s weight was technically underweight against the standard ‘curve’. The mother felt so guilty, but she didn’t know to ask for a second opinion or for a doctor who understood IUGR babies. After a whole bunch of tests they sent the baby home, she was fine. Of course the doctor was just being precautious. That experience is something I definitely can’t help but fear!


  3. Amy M. says:

    C keeps having days like that as well. Thankfully her eating strike days only last 1-2 days though! You know I obsess about her size as well lol. I’m so glad that A is doing so well! C also signs for eat, more, and milk. She will also go over to the cupboard where she knows we keep her food/snacks and point to it, then sign “eat”. They’re so smart already!!


  4. RJ says:

    We have the girlier version of that cup. My A has finally figured out how to use it haha. Glad A is doing well mostly. It’s hard to know if they are getting enough. I relate completely, especially because of the IUGR. I’m slowly learning that most parents are worried about if their child is getting enough. But when you spent so much time trying to get her to gain weight it’s so hard to let go!! Hope things continue to get better.


  5. Rach @ Stories for Strength says:

    I wish I’d persevered with sign. Might have really helped my sanity haha Holly was born with fat rolls and then promptly lost them all with her gut issue and has never had them again so I know what you mean. Still she is healthy and happy so I guess doing just fine and it sounds like Aviana is too 🙂


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