Micro blog: The walking dictionary (for beginners)

Aviana is coming along nicely with learning new words.  I have lost count of the number of words she knows but it is well over 50, may be even 100, and the other day she actually put two words together that she came up with herself, in context of the situation….”Daddy gone?”.  I was taken aback at her new found skill.   Her other new skill is knowing the names of colours – she hasn’t quite got the difference between pink and purple yet, but to be fair, I know a few guys who can’t tell the difference :-0 There is one word in particular she has trouble saying, but is the sweetest – Lizard – she basically says ‘Li-la-d’ and sticks out her tongue like a lizard as she says it.  Too cute.  She occasionally also says words backwards…like ‘Cup’ is ‘Puc’.  I find all this language development truly fascinating.  Every day it’s something new!!!


8 thoughts on “Micro blog: The walking dictionary (for beginners)

  1. Amy M. says:

    I can’t get C to say colors for the life of me!! She loves to say orange (“unsh”) and has said pink once. She says SOOOO many other things though, I’m not worried. She’s certainly good at saying “no” though lol!!!

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    • Dani says:

      Colours are quite a strange concept to teach! I think daycare taught Aviana the colours because it came out so randomly one day, totally unprompted. I read that saying ‘no’ at this age is a developmental milestone 😂😂😂

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      • Amy M. says:

        I need to get a video of her “no”. She doesn’t just shake her head when she says it, she shakes her whole upper body side to side while repeating “No. No. No.” over and over lol!! She seems interested in colors, she just doesn’t want to say them. Who knows!?!?

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      • Dani says:

        Hehe…that is too funny. Aviana’s no starts with a long nnnnnnnnnnnnnno! Not sure where she got that from! It’s hard not to laugh at her sometimes during those moments we are trying to teach her things she shouldn’t be doing!!


      • Amy M. says:

        Omg for real!!! C just started saying “butt”. I always say bum, so I’m not sure where she got it from. But she’ll watch the cats walking away from her and point and say “butt!” I asked if she knew where hers was and she patted her diaper and said “butt!” So hard not to laugh!


  2. My Perfect Breakdown says:

    I think one of my absolute favourite things about being a parent so far has been watching the language development. And now as he put together 6+ word sentences and string together ideas, I laugh at how worried I once was about his speech.

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