Micro blog: Little Miss Shy

There was a moment in time when I thought Aviana was struggling with her shyness and wasn’t enjoying participating in group activities.  I wondered whether we should change daycare to some where more like a Montessori school.  Every photo or video we were sent from daycare, Aviana was either sat in the lap of the teacher, upset or on the otherside of the room by herself.  She had been in this class permanently for over 2 months, it wasn’t like it was so new.  But the daycare staff never thought much of it, Aviana just had her own way of having fun.  Aviana is very affectionate and loves her teacher cuddles.  I am very appreciative that the teacher’s reciprocate, although I was beginning to wonder if they spent too much time holding her or even spoiling her.

I even wondered whether we should stop going to the little gym parent-child classes at the weekends.  Aviana would cling to us throughout the warm up and would scream, cry or refuse to do any of the skills or activities.  She was happiest playing away from other kids (and noisiness).  And then just as we were going to make an appointment to see the Montessori school…we suddenly got videos of Aviana integrating, participating, and smiling.  We went to the little gym for a birthday party one weekend and she came right of out of her shell.  She was showing off all the skills she had observed other kids doing.  Just yesterday Aviana not only participated in every single activity in the class, she joined in with the other kids (in her own way still!) and suddenly was happy to do all the daredevil stuff she had spent the past 6 months avoiding, and she wanted to do it over and over again!  An incredible change. I doubt she will be the attention seeking kind of kid, but this little step in self-confidence has been wonderful to see.

3 thoughts on “Micro blog: Little Miss Shy

    • Dani says:

      Shyness has some benefits in a toddler…like not running away into a crowd of people!!! And lots of close hugs. My lesson has been to keep offering new experiences but not pushing her into it too much, she does much better when she sits, observes and decides on her own to participate. Both Chris and I are extroverts, but I am very shy in big crowds of people I don’t know or places I haven’t been so I think she takes after me! It will be interesting to see how Lucky is with both of you being shy, I wonder about shyness and nature v nurture thing…


      • 30yr old nothing says:

        Me too. My brother and SIL are both shy and their daughter is extremely extroverted but their son struggles terribly with shyness so who I guess it could go either way. Right no Lucky goes to anyone with just a bit of trepidation initially. That makes me feel good for now 🙂


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