Micro Blog: The wee bean pole

As for recognizing Aviana as an IUGR baby, you really can’t tell anymore.  Yes she has skinny arms and legs, but she is definitely one of the taller kids in her class, but not the oldest.  On Monday she had her 18 month wellness check up.  She was 21lbs 6oz (31st percentile, up from the 25th!) and 32.5″ tall (69th percentile, up from 60th).  But she has been wearing 18-24mth old clothes for a while and has outgrown many of her 12-18mth clothes in length.  She can still wear 6-9 mth trousers, they are short, but still fit her waist!  In my IUGR support group i is believed that many IUGR babies catch up in size by the time they are 2 years old.  However, that is not necessarily the case for all types of IUGR (symmetric and micro premie babes), and sometimes it is very easy to spot the IUGR baby in the class.  Aviana is one of those who has caught up physically!!! Good growing little Miss A.

4 thoughts on “Micro Blog: The wee bean pole

  1. RJ says:

    My IUGR baby is close in stats to yours! It’s amazing how they just start to catch up. You would never guess she was so tiny at birth. Glad she’s doing well!

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  2. sbach1222 says:

    That is fantastic! Baby Bach (non-IUGR) still hadn’t reached 20 lbs at his 18 month appointments! Still under 32in as well! He is very lean, but healthy! And very strong! That is what really matters!

    Way to go Aviana!

    So glad to hear all is well!

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    • Dani says:


      I think around this age the variation around the ‘normal’ curve begins to get much wider….I have probably mentioned this before, but I hate it when people ask me how old she is because I still have in my head they are ‘judging’ her size v her age, I need to shake that and just care less what people think!


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