Micro blog: The poop monster

Here’s another interesting development….Aviana wanted to sit on the toilet to poop.  She didn’t actually poop, but she sat there for a little while.  She also sat on the step stool and pretended to sit on the toilet to poop (in her diaper).  We have been asking her to tell us when she has pooped so she doesn’t sit in it for too long, and she decides to also tell us on occasion when she has peed.  Sometimes she gives us warning she’s pooping, and sometimes she has actually just farted, so we are some way off potty training!  But it made us think perhaps we should smarten up on potty training and get a potty for those moments when she asks to sit on the toilet.  I’m not in a hurry to potty train her, she’s got a way to go physically I believe. Apparently their bladders aren’t really big enough until around 2. But I literally have no clue on this subject, we should be prepared-time for some reading up!

Speaking of poop, Aviana’s poop was blue on the 4th July.  It was so blue it stained her bottom blue.  We discovered she ate a muffin at daycare the day before that had a lot of blue food dye in it!! hahahahaha….so gross.

3 thoughts on “Micro blog: The poop monster

  1. Sanibel says:

    Cora was 15 months when she showed interest. I had zero desire to start anything but we did get her a potty seat. She loved it! Occasionally she would sit on there and potty before bath time or even while Mommy was doing her own thing:) I never pushed it, just let her take the lead and then she just potty trained herself!
    Side note- We have had the same blue poop situation form cupcakes! Haha! It was like she ate a smurf!

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    • Dani says:

      I want to do gentle potty training (or child led)…I hope I have success like you have had!!

      The blue poop thing was hilarious more so that it stained her butt cheeks – hehehe. I will always remember this to tell her when she gets older :-p

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